Fast Food Chain - oil on canvas 1996 66 x 96
Mark looked forward to painting the piece for a long time. He enjoyed giving a personal aspect to each of the many people in the crowd scenes. It took him well over 6 months to finish this one. The bacteria and virus shapes are as realistic as possible. He took some liberty with their colors as some can only be seen through electromicroscopes.

A warped "figure 8" defines the sections of the painting. A starving skeletal figure reaps the earth. At the center a vortex sucks in life and spews out lines of sterile products. A small boy in shopping cart points his toy gun at Mom as she shops.

Below, Mother Nature's champions, virus, bacteria, the only predator left capable of bringing balance to our overpopulation are poised for a feast. The purple spheres, "AIDS", the hotdogs are ecoli bacterium, the striped snakes are Ebola, and the green globs are amoebic dysentery. The golden balls are man-created retrovirus weapons, loosed on ourselves.

Humans look like a gourmet treat. The predators attack the closest humans, while authority figures rattle their useless weapons at the coming onslaught. Politicians, preachers, the media, the military, are all focused on the symptoms rather than the causes of the problem.

Our needless and self-evident rush to procreate and consume fill the right quadrants full of tenements with a population out of control as religious leader proclaim that man has a special privilege to destroy everything. .