March of Progress - oil on canvas 1995 38 x 56
This is perhaps Mark Henson's most popular piece and the saddest. It reflects the deep-seated awareness of impending global disaster that touches all of our hearts, and yet we feel so helpless before "The March of Progress".

A woman with child flees in terror from the monster. The animals panic before the bloodshot eyes and weapon's scope. A man in a suit giving the peace sign, nuclear power plants as antennas stand on top the monster's head. Death masks of toxic waste and poisons spew from a missile studded face. Mindless military tanks herd corporate clear cutting loggers towards the garbage filled beach as a whale lies bleeding on the sand. Fiery nuclear mushroom clouds fill the sky as attack jets fly over glow in the dark seats of global government.

The entire monster forms a dollar sign, capitalism run amok. We are our worst enemy.