In the words of wisdom; "Know Yourself".

My reality is always my experience of myself.

All that I see, touch, taste, hear, or smell

are perceptions in my mind to believe, or dispell.

Therefore, my reality is created by me.

Heaven or hell, which will it be?


In the image of God they say we are made.

It just seems odd that we're always afraid.

In mans' spirit is Gods' infinite power.

Realize this! Man and blessings will shower.

The hope of ourkind is the Spirit within

each one of us and it's always been.

The evil things done and those men will do

really have no meaning to me and you;

because we have our own world to create

where love can be the rule rather than hate.

So lets change the world right here, right now!

It's really rather easy, cause this is how!

We exchange our lives of hate and fear

for the life of the one that lives right here.

It's only hate and fear that we have to lose.

All things are given to those who chose.

This world is our playground and paradise.

We're meant to enjoy the land, seas and skies.

We are pilgrims of the universe in search of the Divine

It's existential eveidence is logical design.

But the true Nature of God is not seen best above

Rather in the heart of the child; in the virtues and the love.

- o -

*one of my earlier poems...

...written in my mid 20's in Switzerland an apex in my traveling quest for wisdom...