Projected Phases of Developement for the

Community Caravan

Phase 1

Develpement of coordinating tools


             Projection and Planning


                          Video/Audio Recording


                 Internet Website

                          Fellowship of the Magic Drum- publication


            Counciling and Planning

             Initial Developement Team selection and coordination

             Support team and skills

                         Coordination, Mechanics, Food Preparation, Emergency

                         Medical, Holistic Healing, Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Ritualists, Peace

                         Keepers, Wisdom/Elders, Supply experts, Merchants,

             Members personal preparations for mobility and personal sustainance

             Funding for developement- Start up


                                     Non-Profit status

                                     Grant Proposals

                                     Grant Applications


                         Fund Raising Projects

           Preparations for Phase 2

                     Supplies for Touring Vision Council

                               Council Tents, Camp Supplies, Transportation Vehicles etc.

                     Trimming Down

                     Minimalizing projected expenses

           Schedule of Tour

           Event and Site selection

Phase 2

Vision Council Tour (details developed in Phase 1)

         Planning for Phase 3

         Planning for Winter Base

Phase 3

Winter Base Camp

           Team Building


           Planning and Preparations for First Mobile Home Tour

           Developement Of Mobile Village and Projects

           Acquisition and Coordination of Supplies,

           Coordination of Merchanting and Mobile Funding Projects

           Task Coordination and Practice

            “Prayerformance” Developement and Practice

           Multi-media Presentation Developement and Practice

Phase 4

First Mobile Home Tour

          Vision Presentation

          Prayerformances (all artistic presentations)

          Multi media Presentation

          Vision Counciling Continued

          Planning of Outreach Programs

Phase 5

First Winter Base of Operations for the Mobile Village

         Recouperation, healing

         Planning, Developement, Practice and Implimentation of Outreach Programs

         Havens (concerns addressed then)