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Cultural Context

In order to save time I will not go into the history or development of the vision. I will,

however, need to briefly define the cultural context that gives impetus to it.

As I see it, we, human beings with all of our creative potential, are facing an era that

promises little more than collective slavery to our cravings and fears. We live in and

support a cultural context that celebrates greed, perversions, cruelty, ruthlessness, and an

impersonal punish and reward mentality. This is killing our dreams and sensitivities to

inspiration. We are individuals who at the core of our nature are incredibly capable of the

most beautiful creations of art. We are the children of God! Yet, for the most part, we

sacrifice our artistic potential to avoid what we fear, and thereby, ironically, become

slaves of that fear. Then we rush about in a frenzy of competitive suicide trying to beat

others to the guillotine. Why? Or rather, why not do something else?

How about remembering that we are beautiful, creative beings who in a healed mentality

can come together to manifest the most incredibly cool reality. We have an entire history

of artistic and technological development to use and learn from. We really don’t need to

keep doing the same old stupid shit! So ... what’s up?

How the Story went for me:

After “growing up” in rather unusual places but in the usual way of losing that youthful

perspective that everything loves me and will never betray me, I traveled, as an adult, for

almost 14 years in over 50 countries and all the United States trying to figure out what to

do with my life. Only after years of tears, dares and prayers did the gifts of vision finally

arrive. Then the flood of ideas saturated my mind and defined my path, and with a

vengeance I became the “hero” of my own destiny, became enslaved by the idea of freedom

and spent 7 more  years being broken and rebuilt until I couldn't figure anything out and

then... ?   And that is the way it’s suppose to work.

We are all here to learn as much as we can handle, champion our purpose and “get a life”.

Socrates, that wise old Greek philosopher who was forced to poison himself to death

because he inspired the youth of Athens to believe in themselves, summed up his advice

to the world with the two words “Know Yourself".

Now, how are we to “know ourselves” if, from the moment we recognize we are here, we

are conditioned to follow in the footsteps of  fearful fools. “Cloning our purpose” is what

the majority of people think is the way we are supposed to do this thing called life. It’s

not ... I promise!

Man’s not a camel meant to carry a load

Forever in fear of the masters goad

Man’s more like the lion, Proud and free

Here to create his own destiny

Here We Go...

Instead of fearfully hypocritical clones...

How about ...

First, we learn to accept ourselves in all our earthly ways. Not that we want to remain in

our shit. However, we must first find compassion for ourselves or we are only pretending

to have compassion for others. A dear wise friend of mine taught me that “We always see

in others what we know or fear in ourselves”. So remember! “Know Yourself” and you

will learn about others, and compassion will come naturally.

Then we find the rights and privileges to learn and grow as free thinking individuals and

eventually we will discover what really makes us tick. That’s our calling. That’s what we

can bring to the table of life as a sincere and valuable gift for our community. We can

change it at any time. As we build a personal mythology, let’s be careful not to get to

hung up on it. Even the path to Freedom can enslave us.

Now from a space of personal empowerment we can compassionately co-create a heaven

on earth.

Personally, I like to drum or play music around a fire in the magical mists of mother

nature, with my favorite people all around me.

I call it a Tribal Drum Circle.

I have found that, when I can be, I am a gifted athlete, team builder and musician. All of

which  play an important  part in the drum circle as well as in the life of a tribal drummer.

 Also, I adore Nature because it reminds me that everything is perfect and beautiful in it’s

natural state.

I love Music, one of, if not, the most fluid vocabulary known to man; especially primitive or

organic  music (meaning that it flows from that well of inspiration that find its’ moment

perfectly when we let it flow, and not try to force or remember or contrive it into existence.

There is a perfect moment for every sound or vibe. Just let it arrive.)

Making music together is an Art that has been mostly abandoned thanks to greedy

people who want to corner the market and make everyone think that they need to go

down to the local branch of a chain of music stores that offers only the stuff that a small

group of business men have convinced some disempowered musicians who want to be

included in that "Elite Group" of "talented  and well-payed" egoists  who sell their

rehashed music, that once came from a truly inspired space but has since needed to be

packaged in a “marketable” way so that the “huddled and confused” masses will

obeyingly buy, so that they can feel like they have music in their lives inspite of the fact

that they are too busy being the slaves of another group of business men that don’t give a

damn about music at all. I’m not kidding!  That’s what seems to be happening to me!

How come this nightmare of a “wanna be”, “fast food” culture seems to constantly be

threatened by people being themselves and making beautiful music together?

I’ll tell you why!

If it got out that people can become empowered and actually artistic and musical then

they would STOP... thinking that they need to go down to the local branch of a chain of

music stores that offers only the stuff that a small group of business men have convinced

some disempowered musicians who want to be included in that "Elite Group" of "talented

 and well-payed" egoists  who sell their rehashed music, that once came from a truly inspired

space but has since needed to be packaged in a “marketable” way so that the “huddled and

confused” masses will obeyingly buy, so that they can feel like they have music in their lives

 inspite of the fact that they are too busy being the slaves of another group of business men

that don’t give adamn about music at all.

(Aren’t computers great? I only had to “copy and paste” that sentence ... whoohoo!)

In “real musical” cultures around the world, music is a personal journey into the outer

reaches of inner space, as well as a community event in which people can practice

self-expression in a community and cultural context that is accepting and


Ok... By now you must be getting the point. We can do it differently.

And here’s some cool God gifted ideas.

Imagine ... a culture that invests it’s time and energy into supporting, healing and training

it’s members to be fully empowered, creative and self-sufficient; and, yet, cooperative in

every way.

Too idealistic? Not really, it’s the natural way, if you take fear out of the picture.

Let’s... (for quick referencing titles are given to each topic)

Do a mobile village that practices mobility in an ecologically friendly way. We’ll call it

“Mobile Home”. This practice of mobility will remind us of how little we really need

because we’ll carry it around and, thereby, free us from our long time emphatuation with

“too much”. We will learn those forgotten arts of survival and the cross trained skills of

the “Renaissance Man” so that we need not fear being alone. We will learn to

communicate and relate amongst ourselves in ways that are honest and sincere, because

you can’t bullshit healers you live and travel with nor would you want to. We will

appreciate real values and will become artists of the moment. The mobile tribe will also

act as a conduit of creativity and hope to a world of disenchanted people. Everywhere we

will go we will educated and help revitalized this almost dead world. Healing will be a

way of life and not a struggle anymore. We will become experts at a variety of skills that

will enable us to manifest the ingredients of the overall vision. We will bring with us that

dynamism and vitality so greatly needed in permanent communities.

We will set up or support communities everywhere that are “Havens” for harmonious

eco-conscious living, learning and sharing. These Havens will vary in attributes

according to the interests of the members and the actual details of the situation. I imagine

self-sustainable farm/ healing/ learning centers that will provide temporary grounding for

the Mobile Home as well as living space for its permanent members. These Havens will

host Festivals, which we will call “Friend Zs” to celebrated our developing family and

tribal ways of life, as well as, welcome and orient our friends for further “Rainbow

Warrior Training” (a term I use with specific associations to the multiple indigenous

tribal prophetical references to the “Rainbow Warriors”who in the “end times”, when

the earth is embroiled is humanities legacy of problems and true values are abandoned,

return to a harmonious and eco-respectful way of living that is, by the way, quickly

making itself necessary to the modern world. The word Rainbow also refers to a

universal approach to things, an acceptance of the differences of preference between

peoples and cultures, the recognition of the natural beauty in all natural things).

Outreach programs will be set up to assist seeking people. One of the programs we will

call “Salvation in the Streets”. It will be especially for those youthful champions of

independence that are personally overwhelmed by the societies impersonal tyranny and

lack of true humanity, and who seek to establish a community bond and find real-life

values, but fall into a rebellious expression of gang revolution, because their adult

predecessors lack a current cultural understanding and true leadership abilities. We will

work with establish educational institutionsa as well as, do free form interfacing or

“missionary” work.

Other outreach programs will be directed to the corporate world, which, also, suffers

from a disempowering greed oriented hierarchy. We will call this "Corporate Crusades".

Personal empowerment and team building skills will empower corporate members to bring

higher levels of commitment and attention to, hopefully, better corporate values, because

collective or counciled values are, usually, more refined in nature.

Of course, if the world goes crazy and things are turned upside down. Pay little

attention  to the above and give your complete attention to the elders or wise ones that

will present  themselves in that moment.

[This vision has only positive values and supportive intentions. I am not interested in

undermining conspiracies of any sort. We must turn our attention away from the bullshit

and toward healing. “Ignore the Whore” (by “whore” I mean the Biblical reference to

“Babylon”-the consumptive, consumeristic, calloused, concrete, corporate, chaotic,

crappy culture that we all love to hate.) The common denominator of every issue of

conflict is the first place to start in creating solutions that will really assist us in

co-creating heaven on earth.]

How to do it

This internet project itself,, will be an important part of the

developement of the vision and plans. Up until now it has been logistically difficult to

coordinating the ‘coming together of the “tribe of wanderers”. There are thousands of

people all over this land and perhaps million around the world that are already skilled in

the arts of mobility (nomadic, gypsy cultures). There are thousands of already existing

intentional communities that are already heading in the same direction and will love to

join forces. There are hundreds of community building, and healing festivals that will

make the implimentation of this vision inevitable and guarentee it’s success. All that has

been needed is coordination and empowerment of the magnetic forces needed to

draw the core groups together. Music festivals, Arts and Craft fairs, Rennaissance

Fairs, Sci-fi Cons, Special Interest Gatherings have all been practicing a temporary

form of mobile community. So many of the ingredients are already in place. A worthy

networking tool, such as the Internet could be the missing link.  Let’s use It!

Furthermore, a publication,The Fellowship of the Magic Drum (Schedules, topics of

interest, festival critiques,coordinating details, all valuable to the cause. ,will develope that

would make all the coordinating details available to those people who are not yet plugged in

to the Internet Web. I, also, feel that the Drum is a perfect symbol of the community, because

of its’ traditional role in so many cultures as a community building tool. It is also a vehicle for

magical music and journeying into multiple dimensions of esoteric reality. Drumming is on the

rise everywhere, and is, therefore, a good central theme for a community building

publication tool.

The Drum Circle is a contemporary community building phenomenon that has all the

elements of a dynamic and vital religion, the challenge and physicality of a super team sport,

the spontaneous artistic overtures of the best performing arts, the mythical nature of the

highest mystical traditions and as much fun as anything going.

Projected Phases of Developement for the

Community Caravan

Phase 1

Develpement of coordinating tools


             Projection and Planning


                          Video/Audio Recording


                 Internet Website

                          Fellowship of the Magic Drum- publication


            Counciling and Planning

             Initial Developement Team selection and coordination

             Support team and skills

                         Coordination, Mechanics, Food Preparation, Emergency

                         Medical, Holistic Healing, Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Ritualists, Peace

                         Keepers, Wisdom/Elders, Supply experts, Merchants,

             Members personal preparations for mobility and personal sustainance

             Funding for developement- Start up


                                     Non-Profit status

                                     Grant Proposals

                                     Grant Applications


                         Fund Raising Projects

           Preparations for Phase 2

                     Supplies for Touring Vision Council

                               Council Tents, Camp Supplies, Transportation Vehicles etc.

                     Trimming Down

                     Minimalizing projected expenses

           Schedule of Tour

           Event and Site selection

Phase 2

Vision Council Tour (details developed in Phase 1)

         Planning for Phase 3

         Planning for Winter Base

Phase 3

Winter Base Camp

           Team Building


           Planning and Preparations for First Mobile Home Tour

           Developement Of Mobile Village and Projects

           Acquisition and Coordination of Supplies,

           Coordination of Merchanting and Mobile Funding Projects

           Task Coordination and Practice

            “Prayerformance” Developement and Practice

           Multi-media Presentation Developement and Practice

Phase 4

First Mobile Home Tour

          Vision Presentation

          Prayerformances (all artistic presentations)

          Multi media Presentation

          Vision Counciling Continued

          Planning of Outreach Programs

Phase 5

First Winter Base of Operations for the Mobile Village

         Recouperation, healing

         Planning, Developement, Practice and Implimentation of Outreach Programs

         Havens (concerns addressed then)