Here's some photos....

...some links to sites related to my work,

...and some links to a few of my writings... I am with a few friends at the Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes in Oregon, July 1997.

... the Northern Lights over the Northern Lights Centre. This is a new

immersive theatre that we built in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory. If you drive

up the Alaska-Canada Highway be sure to check it out!

...another Northern Lights shot with comet Hale-Bopp underneath.

...the lights flared up around Hale-Bopp after a solar flare - awesome!

(click on an image to view an enlargement)

ElectricSky Theater

....this is one of the projects that I have worked on.

ElectricSky is an advanced multimedia display environment designed to produce a strong "sense of presence". Using technologies from the visual simulation and virtual reality industries, ElectricSky produces an ultra-wide screen "surround video" image on a dome screen. Combined with digital surround sound, hemispheric multi-image, and optional laser enhanced video, ElectricSky is the world's most affordable immersive visualization theater. on the picture or Logo to  explore the Spitz Inc. website and find out about some of the incredible things we're up to.....

Sedona....This is the kind of place I like to be when I'm not working....

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