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....Environmental  Sites, Eco-Activism....

Earth Island
Earth Watch
Global Warming
Greanpeace Links
Mother Earth News
Friends of the Earth
Eco Search - GEINET
EarthSave International
Earthwatch International
EarthChannel ezine links
Earth Watch International
Eco News--links to articles
The Simple Living Network
Rainforest Action Network
Hot Links from EarthWatch
Mother Earth Channel-links
National Wildlife Federation
Headwaters Forest Earth First!
Environmental Resources Index
Center for Marine Conservation
Environmental News Network -- ENN
E-The Environmental Magazine LINKS
Luna Butterfly- to save Ancient Forest
World Scientists' Warning to Humanity
The WWW Virtual Library: Environment
EcoSystems  - for a sustainable future
Recorded talks by Floegel of Greenpeace
Environmental Organization WebDirectory!
Environmental Professional's Virtual Desktop
EARTHDANCE Living Systems   -a downloadable book
Explore the Fantastic Forest @
OneWorld Online -EARTHACTION-global netwrk
Live From the Rainforest  -multimedia learning tour
NBII - FrogWeb -Amphibian Declines and Deformities
 FORESTS FOREVER -to protect Calif. forests
The Greenest & Coolest Place on Earth
Sacred Earth Network Home Page
Intellicast Weather
The Weather Channel
TAO - El Nino Info Website
Clickable Map of the World
Earth and Moon Viewer
World Satellite Images

....Sustainable Technologies/Community....

Solar Energy Network
 EcoDesign Resource Society
 Sustainable Building Sources
Sustainable Building Calendar
The Global Eco-village Network
Links to communities at
Oakland Ecopolis - Plan for a Plan
The Solar Energy Network - Index
What is Sustainable Development
Planetary Renewable Energy Links
Ecovillage Cob Cottage Workshop
Eco-Village Links page at
Cob Cottage Company - Home Page
The Farm Ecovillage Training Center
Sustainable Building Events Calendar
Community Eco-Design Network (CEN)
Sustainable Ag. Web Sites & Resources
Los Angeles Eco-Village --online newsletter
Sustainable Building Sourcebook --online book
Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture
Solstice Sustainable Energy and Development .
Eco Topia: A design strategy for the new millennium
Design Earth Synergy -sustainable communites network directory
Centre for Alternative Technology  -sustainable technologies
 Earthship -Sustainable Tech --home designs from recycled materials.
Eco-Village Calendar of Events for North and South America
Eco-Village Calendar of Events for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

Permaculture, Organic Farming

The Worm Page
Worm Composting System
On-line Compost Classroom
Intl. Composting Toilet News
Rot Web Home Composting Info
Welcome to Permaculture
Don't Panic Eat Organic
Permaculture Resources
Permaculture Resources II
Organic Gardening Forum
Joe & Mindy's Organic Links
Elizabeth and Crow's Organic
Organic Gardening Techniques
Organic Gardening Online -Rodale
Sustainable Ag. Web Sites & Resources
Santa Cruz Homeless Garden Project

Hemp as a Sustainable Resource...

Hemp Fiber
Industrial Hemp Archive
Hemp For Victory Warning
Hemp Links from Hempseed
hyperreal--hemp articles etc
HempMan's Guide to Cannabis
Hemp, the Premier Renewable
New Age Hemp Co.--Hemp Links
Hyperreal - facts & articles on hemp
Hemp History & Facts by Hemptech
All Around the World hemp home page
Hemp Business and Information Index
HempBC Online - Your Marijuana and Hemp resou.
Hemp-CyberFarm Enabling a HempWorld!
CRRH's Hemp TV video archive
Cannabis Action Network

....Alternative Media, Communications....


Peace Net
Liberal Net
Deep Thought
OneWorld Online
Anarchist Archive
The Art Bell Website
the Anarchist Library
World Transformation
We The People Archives
New Civilization Network
Global Empowerment Network
Paths of Consciousness, links
Intentional Communities Website
New Age Resources - Master Index
Noam Chomsky Political Texts Online
TRANET -network for Transformation
Changes -Celebrating Consciousness
Common Law Research, Lessons at Law
Rob's Place --Activism, Indian music etc.
Leading Edge Intr. Research Group Home
Build Freedom -- Free Sovereign Individual
Noosphere -emerging global consciousness
Co Creation -Global Peace Projects Database
EARTHWAY NETWORK - Living the Earthway
Mystic Planet and New Age Directory
Sacred Earth Network Home Page
Macrocosm USA Home Page
alt.culture an a-z of the '90s
The Portal to Other Worlds
Welcome to The Argument
Philosophy for Everyone
Project Mind Foundation
Zendik Tribe The Farm
Alaska Free Press
MetroActive Welcome!
Los Angeles Free Press
The Guardian - Observer
DeepTimes News Service
The World Wide Free Press
New Earth News - Homepage
The Pinwheel Free World Press
The Haight Ashbury Free Press
Daily Blink--Alternative News Media
North Coast Xpress -Alternative Views
Washington Free Press On-Line Library
Boulevards-index of alt. news & sites
Alternative Press Center Home Page
Free Speech Internet Television
Amnesty International
Media Watchdog
Ideas Watch --ZNet
ZNet --Alternative Media
Welcome to Project Censored
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Viking's Guide to Anarchy on the web
Viking's Guide to Activism on the web
Alternative Viewpoints on the Internet
What Makes Alternative Media Alternative
Vikings Guide to Alternative Media on the web
Viking's Guide to Alternative Media -homepage
Viking's Guide to Radical information networks
Viking's Guide to Critical Perspectives on the Web
Viking's Guide to Alternative MagaZines on the Web
Empowerment Resources for Personal Growth, So.
Freethink Planet - News, Views - Abuse
Mike's Picks-alt. zines & newspapers
Welcome to the Earthpulse Press
MkzdK 4

...Psychotropic Studies...

The Psychedelic Library
Thé  Ðëòxÿríßøñµçlëìç  HÿÞêrdïmèñsîøñ
Sound Photosynthesis - Alter. tapes & videos
Maps Inc. -Psychedelic Studies
the Lycaeum - Main Index

...Rainbow & Pagan...

Rainbow Family
Exodus To Eden
The ORB - Online
The Pagan Pages
Leyline's UK Rainbow site
 The Wild Bohemian -Hipstory
Pagan Connections and Paths
EarthRing--Sydney Rainbow site
Welcome to Illinois Rainbow Family!
Rainbow Family Bulletin Message Board
Marc Perkel's Rainbow discussion board
Rainbow Alternative Network-Message Board
Tribal Connections --Rainbow Links from UK site
NWR - New World Rising - rainbow, gathering, .
People of the Rainbow; A Nomadic Utopia
TEXAS DRUMS Community Home Page


...Native American...
First Nation --revealing issues
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Native American Activist Resources on the Internet
Native American Indian Resources:Art, Culture, Education,History, Science
Native Nations :  Official and Unofficial Tribal Sites
Native American Indian Web-sites by their Tribes
Listing of Federally Recognized Tribes
Your InterTribal Info Center
Honor the Earth Campaign
Planet Peace Action Alerts

....Alternative activism....
FAX the FEDs
The Sovereignty Ring
ACLU Freedom Network
The Activists Resource Network
Directory of Activist Organizations
Noam Chomsky Political Texts Online
DAMN! -Direct Action Media Network Home page
Protest.Net A calendar of protest, meetings,.
THE NONVIOLENCE WEB A Guide to the Peace Movement
Activists' Center for Training In Organizing and Networking
CounterCulture.Com, The Voice of the Free Spirit
Pacifica Radio - Live Sundays at 12:00 noon et
Viking's Guide to Activism on the web

....Alternative Links...

New Age links
Nonviolence Links
New Earth News Links
the Lycaeum - User Pages
Hemp Links from Hempseed
World Transformation -Links
New Age Hemp Co.--Hemp Links
Planetary Renewable Energy Links
New Age Resources - Master Index
Soundings Of The Planet -wholistic links
Alpha Institute's  Enviro & Indiginous Links
Project Mind Foundation Links

....Alternative Technologies....
HAARP Article
evert fluid tech
Open Mind Homepage
Michael Unum's Main Page
Why the Big Bang is Wrong
The Gentle Wind Project
ORMUS --White Gold links
crystals, ufos, emPhase Conj
Proceedings of the 3rd ISNE
Gravity Wave Research Project
Aquarian Electronics Homepage
GITPLAIN Theory and Explanation of forces
World Spacedrives Development Association
Leading Edge Research -Brain Control Tech.
What has become of the Rife Microscope
White Gold Mail List EG, Isis WPG, Orme
White Gold or Pure Gold & David Hudson
Dr. George Merkl - Life Crystals & Sumerian E.
Unconventional Therapies Chondriana - Life C.
Welcome to the Viktor Schaubergers Vortex Wor.
Wind mill based on Viktor Schaubergers vortex.
The Solaris Free Energy Encyclopedia on line .
The Swedish Association for New Physics
CANHELP, general information
VTC Vortex Thruster
Whirlpower-David Dennard
Nyheter-News Vortex World
GMD (Gravito Magnetic Device)
Experiments with water vortices
The Josef Hasslberger page Physics
The Josef Hasslberger -waterpower
The Josef Hasslberger -Hydropower
Water - the Bearer of Lifegiving and Creative.
The Josef Hasslberger page of Economy, Physic.
Centre For Alternative Technology Home Page
My Homemade Portable Solar Powered Generator
Other Geodesic Dome related Web Sites
Anti-Gravity - Paranormal Phenomena
KeelyNet Home Page - Gravity Files
KeelyNet 1997 Index Page

....Metayphysics, Spiritual, Sacred Geometry....

Yoga Paths
Light Mission
Flower of Life
Tao Te Ching
Maitreya World
Timewave Zero
The Hindu Universe
The Huna Web Page
The TwoStar Oracle
Crop Circle Connector
The Essence of Reality
links to Conscious sites
DharmaNet International
1001 Web Sites - Religion
The Color Key of Creation

Drunvalo's Realm of Spirit
Central Sun--Metaphysics
Black Peacock Home Page
Universal Rhythms - Astrology
Heterodyning and Powers of Phi
Welcome to the Meru Foundation
Numerology and the Golden Mean
PHI The Divine Ratio-David Yarrow
Marko Rodin, Numerology, And Chaos
Welcome to United Communities of Spirit
Welcome to Crystal Hill MultiMedia School for.
Access to Insight Readings in Theravada Buddhism
THE PHYSICS OF Phi, Compression, Implosion,
Daughters of the Moon-Sisters of the Sun
Earth Ascending - Welcome to the Core
13 Moon Calendar Web Page

....Health & Vegetarian....

Vegetarian Links
Vegetarian Pages
Raw Food Recipes
Raw Food Directory
Wholistic Health Links
Mega Vegetarian Index
Herbs & Herbal Medicine
Herb Research Foundation
The Magic Garden Herb links
Alternative Medicine Connection
Vegetarian & Animal Rights Pages
Animal Rights, Veg. & Enviro Links
FoodWeb - Vegetarian-Vegan Recipes
World Guide To Vegetarianism
Vegetarian Resource Center
Vegan Action Homepage
Don't Panic Eat Organic

....Searching & Research....

 WWW Virtual Library
Virtual Search Engines
The Avatar Search Engine
Mega Search --Multi Engines
MasterMind Search Engines
InterNIC Directory of Directories
Virtual Directories Search Engines
RingWorld - The Webring Directory
My Virtual Reference Desk - Quick Reference -.
Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk
Index of WWW Virtual Library Maintainers
Festival Network Online Welcome Page
Internet Resources Meta-Index
Festival Finder Links

....Connecting & Networking...
(also see the "Earth" section for networking info.) 

the fire circle
Newage Resources
The Nation Digital Edition
New Civilization Network
Alternative Press Center Home Page
Noosphere - The Global Consciousness Projext; the Best Independent-Alternat.
 Planet Zone -An Alternative Portal for Alternative People


The Hindu Universe
The Ancient World Web
Dharma Net International
The Internet Public Library  
Yahoo! - Society and Culture
links to Ancient & Classic Studies
the W.W.W. Virtual Library Sumeria
The Ultimate Index of the Ancient World
Big Dummies Guide to Religion & Philosophy
Great Thinkers and Visionaries on the Net

....Art & Artists....

The Flower of Life 
Sparky's Fractal Links
 Mark Henson's Visionary Art
Art Net Links - Art related sites
Art Planet - Directory of Art on the Web
ArtSeek - Connecting Artists with the World
ArtQuest Presents Art and Artworks, Art Give.
World Wide Arts Resources - The Definitive Ar.
Craft Listing: Guide to arts and crafts on the Internet.



Harry Partch
Kyle Gann's Home Page
Just Intonation Explained
Ali Akbar College of Music
Other Tuning-related Sites
 Just Intonation - Tonalsoft
Southeast Just Intonation Center
Experimental Musical Instruments
Shakuhachi Flute Resource Site
Ethnomusicology OnLine
Side-blown flutes - links
KCSF World Beat
Planet Earth Music
Musical Starstreams
Indian Classical Music
Ravi Shankar Homepage
Soundings Of The Planet



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