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List of Writings:


World Scientists' Warning to Humanity

Report: 1997 worst year ever for forest fires

A Summary & article about the Kyoto Summit

Article about putting Minerals back into the Soil

Jerry Brown talks about Environmental Collapse

Jerry Brown talks about Corporate Power

A statement by Jerry Brown on Politics in America

Jerry Brown Interviews Noam Chompsky

Jerry Brown talks about Changing the System

Jerry Brown on State Power & Drugs

Jerry Brown talks about the Drug War

Shamanism and Peyote Use Among the Apaches

Culture & the Individual -Aldous Huxley

A page  from the book, Philosophy for Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis Hemp

Andrew Weil on theraputic Hemp Oil

Understanding Common Law

The Duplicity of the Drug War

The Mushrooms of Language -Henry Munn

Psychological and Spiritual Learning in the Psychedelic Experience

Psychedelics and the Future -Osmond and Aaronson

Psychedelics and Personal Growth -Thomas Roberts

The Role of Subculture  Rituals for Controlled Drug Use

What Happens When Food is Cooked....

About the Dairy Industry Gambit

What's Wrong with Dairy Products

What's Wrong with Drinking Cow's Milk

10 Reasons to Grow & Buy Organic Produce

Arguments Against Eating Meat

Reasons for Being a Vegan

[this is just the beginning....]

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