I am dedicated to the holistic development of my highest potential in order to serve the circle of life in the manifestation of the highest values and visions I know. I would like to thank the thousands of friends that have guided me through all of my wanderings, and make this website available to them. I was raised in the heart of Africa as a missionary kid. I have traveled extensively in over 50 countries. All of my life I have been on a quest of true personal empowerment and community service. This quest has led me to the firm conviction that at the core nature of life we all seek the same basic things: Love and Freedom from fear. Even greed and hate are traceable to these needs. I hold this single ideal as a reason to hope for community co-operation. I would like to invite my friends to join me in the creation of dreams. I offer the circle of life all of my creative potential and skills, my love for the music of the soul through primitive percussion and the arts of community celebration. Here are some ideas and ways that I am serving this healing dream:



friendsoffreedom.com - A networking project to facilitate the exchange and coordination of ideas, plans and projects for the friendsoffreedom.com.

Networking - Networking through travel and participation in social events and activisms. 

Festival / Tribal Drum Circle Focalisation- Networking events for the promotion of artistic and conscious evolution, tribalism and positive activism.
( See Festival Drum Circle Focalisation flier )

Drum Building Playshops - Create your own musical tool, be part of it's awakening and learn the "how to-s" of drum care.
( See - The Birthing of your Drum flier )

The Tao of the Beat - ( Drum Circle Theory and Drumming Practice ) - Learn the art of improvisational or "Spirit" drumming as a personal path of spiritual and physical developement and the  community building arts of the drum circle as an evolving contemporary phenomenon which looks to traditions from around the world for inspiration and guidance and seeks the centered and balanced self for the illumination and love. ( See Tao of the Beat flier )

Festival, and Impromtu Street Prayerformances - Improvisational presentations of poetry, percussion, harp and calimba music, magic, juggling, torch spinning and story-telling, to express social critiques and promote progressive and positive ideals.

Activisms - Protection of the old growth forests (See - Earth First ) / Organisation and Promotion of political and environmental  ralleys and seminars / Promotion and education of the value of simple lifestyles, cultural diversity, tribalism, farm havens, artistic advancment and exchange of ideas through mobility and impromtu presentations  / Support, protection and assistance  for the "houseless" (rather than homeless) community and refugees of a vapid culture.

Community Caravan - Promotion and education of the value of a mobile community that offers a creative and magical village as an environment for education and fun for festivals as well as provides tools, training and services promoting healing in all ways, human and animal protection and support, cultural diversity and awareness, tribalism, farm havens, permaculture, environmental restoration, artistic advancment and exchange of ideas through mobility.
(See  - Vision and Projected Phases of Development.)

Farm, havens - Networking , promotion and participation in the developement of havens for community in crisis, and the promotion of self sustainable, eco-friendly ways for people to live on planet earth.

Creative Commerce - An alternative style of exchange, trade, barter to offer the world the finest hand-made arts and crafts of the friendsoffreedom.com to empower their lives.

Rainbow Warrior Training - Training in the timeless and noble ways of the warrior, community building skills, survivalism in modern urban and non-urban environments, respect of the past lessons and the courage to craft a new way for the future.

Areas of Interest to be developed
Playshops with children in camps and schools.
Corporate Crusades -  an outreach program to the corporate community promoting conscious and healthy values for real solutions to todays problems through education in the ancient arts of tribalism through drum circles.
( See - Corporate Crusades Flier ).


   The Vision....

    A Poem of  Perspective and Hope

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